The Fellowship Program – Clínica Alcides Branco - Clínica especializada em cirurgias do aparelho digestivo

The Fellowship Program

Faça parte do Programa!

Leia abaixo mais informações sobre o que é The FellowShip Program e como ingressar.

About the Doctor

Dr. Alcides Branco has been working with laparoscopic surgery since 1994. From general surgery cases that had been managed laparoscopically to bariatric procedures, his clinic has successfully performed more than 30 thousand laparoscopically surgeries since then.

He is specialized in bariatric and metabolic surgeries, and over the past 21 years, he has operated more than 11 thousand patients.

Since the clinic deals with advanced procedures throughout the year, Dr. Alcides is often invited for national and international congresses to show his live surgery. I it also very usual for Dr. Alcides to be called for workshops around the world to perform those procedures.


  • Marcelino Champagnat Hospital
  • Cruz Vermelha Hospital
  • Santa Casa de Misericórdia Hospital
  • Ônix Hospital
  • Nossa Senhora das Graças Hospital (Endoscopy)
  • Dr. Alcides Branco’s Clinic

Our Vision

The fellowship primary goal is to make sure the fellow is well prepared for his/her surgical future. And for that reason:

  • The fellow will be engaged in research studies and attend scientific conferences.
  • Keep yourself up to date; you will be part of group discussions and case decisions.
  • Punctuality is paramount; as we have many cases everyday, the fellow should understand the importance of early attendance.
  • The fellow will always be under supervision; during outpatient clinic and hospital care.
  • It is vital that the fellow present exemplary behavior, since ordinary laws may apply.
  • At the end of the fellowship, the fellow will be certified (with exceptions) to exercice minimally invasive and bariatric surgery procedures. Also, the fellow can count on preceptor’s supervision on their countries to kick off surgeries, under cetian predetermined conditions.

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Please complete and submit this pre-application form for the general laparoscopic and bariatric and metabolic surgery program.