Dr Alcides Branco was born in Curitiba in 1966. He finished his Medical School in 1990 at Curitiba -State of Paraná at Pontifícia Catholic University. After this, he was Resident in General Surgery at the University Hospital from 1991 to 1993. After this period, he went to Sao Paulo where he was Resident in General Surgery for more two years at the University Hospital in SP , when he started doing laparoscopic surgery.
Nowadays he is a M.D. doctor in these institutions: Catholic University Hospital ( Cajurú and Santa Casa de Misericórdia ) , Hospital Santa Cruz e Hospital Marcelino Champagnat , all of them in Curitiba State of Paraná , Brazil.

Member of Brazilian College Surgeons
Member of Brazilian Society of Laparoscopic Surgery
Member of Brazilian Society of Bariatric Surgery
Member of American Society of Bariatric Surgery
Member of International Federation os Bariatric Surgery ( IFSO)

He participes on many international congresses and meetings, doing conferences and presenting alive surgeries ,morbid obesity laparoscopic surgery related.

Pioneer in advanced videolapraoscopic procedures in Paranà, having great casuistry in the digestive tract. He started 10 years ago the formation of groups for the treatment of morbid obesity, initially through the open surgery and after that through laparoscopy, where he gained a lot of experience with reductory gastroplasty ( Fobi Capella), Open and Videlaparoscopic Duodenal Switch , band and gastric septation.

He has nowadays approximately 9500 patients operated by videolaparoscopy , including patient surgical revision after non successful effective gastroplasty.